Frequently asked questions

This document titled "Frequently Asked Questions", explains how the marketplace(MartinApp) works using a question and answer format.

  1. What is MartinApp?
    MartinApp is a marketplace for insights related to money matters. Writers post their insights, predictions and info requests. Readers consume them and benefit from the wisdom of the writers. Everyone is a reader and a writer. We believe, everyone has insights, that can be useful to others. Some large, some small - nevertheless beneficial to the community at large. MartinApp is a place to share your insights, so that everyone benefits collectively. And you will get paid for your posts. Its a simple model where readers consume some content for free, and pay for premium content; writers get paid for their posts. A writer can post nearly anything as long as it is truthful, insightful and is related to money matters and financial well being. Relevant areas include work, career, pay, investments, decision making, advice, tips, hacks, optimizations, pitfalls and more.

    Some examples of posts on MartinApp are:
    • Prediction about an investment return
    • Info request seeking some specific knowledge/info
    • Salary report for a position and a copy of anonymized pay stub
    • Review of a car purchase experience and a copy of the bill of sale
    • Posting for a temporary job
    • An anonymized investment account statement
    • A tax planning tip
    • A utility optimization hack, with before and after utility bills
    • A story of a personal financial mistake that others can avoid with the knowhow
    • Any little insight that a writer thinks might help someone, based on one's own experience

    1. In rest of this document, the words "post", "statement" and "story" are used interchangeably
    2. In rest of this document, "We"/"Our"/"Ours"/"Us" refers to "Benton Labs LLC", the operator of the markerplace

    Every post on the marketplace has two sections - a free section and a premium section. A reader can read free section of every story at no cost. In order to read premium sections of stories, a reader needs to buy "Reading Pass", a flat-rate subscription: US$0.99/month. A single reading pass gives access to all premium content. Writers get paid for their premium content. A writer's pay is proportional to value measures, such as number of views of premium sections of his or her stories. We, aim to pay out 80% of our earnings from the marketplace to our writers.
  2. What are the different types of posts one can publish?
    Currently following types of posts can be published:

    • Statement - An insightful story for the community to benefit from
    • Prediction - An insight about future backed by money for charity if prediction does not come true
    • Info request - A reach out to the community seeking a phone interview from anyone with specific info

  3. How does a prediction work?
    An author publishes a prediction, consisting of basic section and premium section. Readers consume basic section for free, and premium section by purchasing a reading pass(monthly subscription). Author gets paid earnings when his prediction comes true. If prediction does not come true, then a charity gets paid a certain amount.
    While posting a prediction, author is required to pay Benton Labs LLC, an amount of his/her choosing to back up the prediction. Author's post will also include a expiry date. Author's prediction will be evaluated regularly until expiry date. If the prediction comes true before expiry date, then the author will earn i) 90% of amount placed behind prediction and ii) 90% of revenue from reader unlocks of premium content in the said prediction. If the prediction does not come true before expiry date, then the author will earn $0 from this prediction and 90% of amount placed behind prediction is paid out to charity.

  4. How does a statement work?
    An author publishes a statement, consisting of basic section and premium section. Readers consume basic section for free, and premium section by purchasing a reading pass(monthly subscription). Author gets paid 90% of earnings from reader unlocks of premium content of the statement.

  5. How does a info request work?
    An author publishes an info request, reaching out to the community seeking some specific information. At the time of posting an info request, author is required to pay an amount of his/her choosing. This amount is called reward-for-info. Readers of the community can express interest in picking up the job of providing the information. Author can select one or more candidates from the interest list and then have a conversation with them via email/phone/text/messaging. Once information exchange is complete, Benton Labs LLC pays the info providers 90% of the reward-for-info. Author is happy that he got the info he/she was seeking. Info provider is happy that he/she got paid. Both parties have the right to raise a dispute if there is a disagreement. Benton Labs LLC reserves rights to dispute resolution.

  6. How do we control fake information in writers' posts? How does the challenge process work?
    We require every writer to stand behind his or her statement/s. Readers have an option to challenge any statement/s they believe is/are fake. When a challenge is raised, we investigate the statement. If we find the statement to be fake, then we take action against the writer.

    Such action may include:
    1. Marking the statement as fake, and subsequent removal of the statement
    2. Imposing penalty against writer's earnings
    3. Revoking writer's membership

    If we find the statement to be true, then no such action will be taken. A summary report of our investigation will be available for all to view.

    1. We reserve full rights over how we conduct investigation and the conclusion we arrive at. Once we arrive at a conclusion, readers cannot challenge it further
    2. Our conclusions, are our opinions. Our conclusions are final and cannot be challenged further

    We hope that the above actions will discourage writers from posting fake information.
  7. How does a reader raise a challenge on a statement?
    A reader can challenge a statement by clicking on "challenge the statement" link displayed in the detailed view of the statement. Once reader clicks on the link, a challenge payment page opens. On this page, reader needs to make a non-refundable challenge fees. Once the challenge fees is paid, investigation by us begins. When investigation is complete, action if any, will be taken against the writer. A summary report of the investigation will be available for all readers to view.
  8. Can multiple readers challenge a statement?
    No. Once a reader raises a challenge on a statement, the statement goes into a state called "under-investigation". From then on, no other reader will not be able to raise a challenge against this statement. However, all readers will be able to view the status and result of investigation.
  9. How does a reader view premium content?
    In order to read premium sections of stories, a reader needs to buy "Reading Pass", a flat-rate subscription: $0.99/month. A single reading pass gives access to all premium content.
  10. What are the details of Reading Pass subscription?
    Title: Reading Pass
    Length: Monthly
    Service: Access to all premium content on markerplace
    Price: USD0.99 per month
    1. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
    2. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
    3. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, for USD 0.99
    4. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase
  11. How will Writers get paid?
    Here are the terms for Writers' payouts:
    1. Writers will receive their payouts via paypal
    2. Writers will receive payouts, less paypal transaction fees
    3. Writers will receive payouts once a month
    4. A writer will get a payout in a month, only if the balance is more than $10.00
  12. What is fuzzing?
    When posting a story to the marketplace, a writer has an option to enable fuzzing. If enabled, we edit user's images/docs in following ways:
    1. Remove some of the personally identifiable information
    2. Modify numbers by adding a random error in the range (-2%, +2%)
    Note: We do not guarantee that we will identify and remove all personally identifiable information. We continue to improve our algorithms with each passing day.
  13. Who are Gurus and what is Gurudakshina?
    Gurus are wise and successful people, identified by BentonLabs LLC to share their wisdom through their posts. We believe the community will benefit immensely from listening to these gurus. Some topics for Guru posts may be:
    1. Product & Service reviews
    2. Learnings from experience
    3. Career advice
    4. Mentoring
    5. Investment ideas
    6. Leadership advice
    7. Anything that they believe will benefit the community
    Gurus receive the following benefit, called GuruDakshina:
    1. 5% of net revenues will be paid out to our Gurus collectively, in addition to payments for their share of author revenues
    Gurus shall have following responsibilities:
    1. Post at least twice a month to the marketplace
    Here are the criteria we use when identifying our Gurus:
    1. A on Wisdom
    2. A on Integrity
    3. Expertise in one or more areas
    4. USD2M+ on networth
    5. Respected by other Gurus
    Note: BentonLabs LLC reserves the right to de-identify a Guru. However, we hope that happens very rarely. If we do our job of identification right, the frequency of de-identification should be near zero.
  14. Does Benton Labs LLC, have all answers to make this idea(marketplace for insights) work?
    We certainly do not. But we are willing to figure out what works along the way. We plan to experiment, learn and make several adjustments during the journey.
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